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18 October 2019
Visual storytelling brings your story to life
02 October 2019
Update: Mobile Animations in Maglr Pro
21 August 2019
Maglr VIP Experience - Gamma Racing Day
21 August 2019
Update: renewed Maglr dashboard
06 August 2019
How-to: create beautiful interactive scroll pages
08 July 2019
Why immersive content deserves our attention
21 June 2019
Back on the menu: snackable content
15 May 2019
Short, powerful and visually attractive: Snackable Content
19 April 2019
New element positioning in Maglr Pro
16 April 2019
Update: Stock Images & Integration Image Library
16 April 2019
Update: Graphs & Charts
15 January 2019
Work faster with the new template editor
23 November 2018
Our Maglr roadmap in a visual magazine
23 November 2018
November update: Better insight into reading behavior
26 October 2018
How-to: create presentations with a higher impact
05 October 2018
Online content; free stock photos and stock videos
03 September 2018
New autoplay restrictions in webbrowsers
26 July 2018
How to Make Your Readers (Really) Read Your Content
17 May 2018
Maglr sponsor of the new Ford Fiesta Cup
11 April 2018
Bring depth into your design with the new ‘mouse move’ effect
11 January 2018
Pro update January; new video settings