Platform overview

A complete overview of the features you can expect when creating interactive stories with Maglr.

Overview of the Maglr dashboard with the Pro editor

Story types

Multiple formats to create & present your interactive story

Slide publication

A linear multi-page reading experience, where visitors can horizontally navigate through the pages of your story.

Standalone page

Extract pages from your projects to share them as a standalone page, without their surrounding navigation environment.

Stack publication

Starts with a main overview page, from which visitors can navigate to all other (sub)pages of the publication.


Micro content

Create standalone experiences of all sorts and sizes. Suitable for custom infographics, banners and single pages to embed on your own website.


Interactive elements

The elements that bring your story to life


Upload your own video files, or embed videos directly from YouTube & Vimeo. Create custom controls & interactions, or remove controls and use them as background videos.


Bring multiple images together into a slideshow. Enrich with custom controls, effects & animations to suit your style.


Play audio fragments through a custom button, or add a background sound experience to a page.


Add, edit & animate fully customisable tables to your pages.


Turn your data into interactive charts. Enrich each chart with animations and custom settings.


Create custom forms or embed forms from Marketo, Pardot, Mailchimp & Hubspot.


Embed all types of custom code from external services directly into your pages.

Block editor

An intuitive editor that saves time


Create interactive content at light speed. No code needed.

Pre-styled templates

Start your design from a library of 100+ available templates, optimised for every type of story.

Drag & drop blocks

Drag and drop your content to create interactive pages with ease.

Auto responsive

All content is automatically optimised for all types of screens.

Content blocks

Work with pre-defined content blocks to create interactive stories with ease.

Basic animations

Basic animations for all content elements. Extensive animations only available with Maglr Pro.

Pro editor

Advanced features for the designer


Design 100% accurately with comprehensive positioning options for all elements. For a perfect experience on every screen.

Sketch import

Save time by directly converting your Sketch files into a completely editable canvas in Maglr Pro.

Layering & interactions

Bring dimension to your story with layers and groups. Set up custom effects and interactions to spark the curiosity of your audience.

Custom timing

Time your animations manually to create the perfect animation experience.

Animate everything

Bring your designs to life with custom timed animations. Or add scrolling animations that trigger as the audience browses through your page.

Scroll paths

Create custom keyframe animations that follow a certain path as your visitor scrolls through the page.


Move each element at a different speed as your visitor scrolls through the page.

Custom mobile design

Create custom mobile versions for each page.

Custom HTML

Embed all types of custom code from external sevices directly into your pages.

Maglr format

A modern publication format designed for the web


Bring your interactive stories to life with custom animations, effects and interactions.

Always up-to-date

Changes are published instantly, so you can always send an up-to-date story to your audience.

Perfect for SEO

Every page of your interactive story can be enriched with meta titles & descriptions, alt-tags and more to feed search engines.

Mobile friendly

Maglr Basic templates are responsive to provide a story that reads well on every screen. Or design custom mobile versions in Maglr Pro.


Optimise your content to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), so visitors of all abilities can enjoy your interactive stories.

Fast loading

Hosted at AWS (EU Frankfurt) with fast global CDN.


Visitors can subscribe to your publications to stay updated on all new editions.

Multi lang

Create Maglr publications in multiple languages to satisfy all audiences.

100% on brand

Set up centralised colour styles to automatically adjust the templates to your corporate style, even including your custom fonts.


Multiple ways to share your story

Public link

Share your publication globally through a public link.

Secure with password

Protect your publications with a manual password.

Secure by IP

Only allow access to your publications from a specific IP address.


Auto-login link

Send out a secured link to your audience, only through which they're able to access the publication.

Secure with SSO

Secure your publications with Single Sign-on.


Embed everywhere

Seamlessly integrate your story into your website with extensive embed-options.

Share on social

Share your interactive stories to your social media channels. Or have your audience post them to their own timelines.


Create personalised versions of your stories to deliver highly relevant content to your audience.


Add content gates

Set up custom content gates to protect your publications and generate leads.


Present offline

Present your interactive stories through our apps, even when you’re not connected to the internet.


Export static PDF

Generate a static PDF version of your Maglr Pro page.


Download as ZIP

Download your interactive stories as ZIP-files to use them offline. Or to host them on your own servers.

Sync to server

Publish and synchronise your stories directly to your own server.


Present offline

When internet is not available

Desktop App

Create a single source for all corporate presentations. Let employees present when they're off the grid. For Windows & MacOS.

iOS App

Same functionality as the desktop app, but designed for the iPad or iPhone. Available through the app stores.

User rights

Create separate login accounts per employee and set-up access rights per project or category.

Always up-to-date

Published changes are directly visible in the apps.


The app can be adjusted to your organisations colors, fonts and typography. Align it with your corporate style guide.

Download ZIP

Download your interactive stories as ZIP-files to use them offline. Or to host them on your own servers.

Analyse & integrate

Get a better understanding how your story is read

Real-time statistics

Get detailed insights in the performance of your interactive stories. Completely anonymous and privacy-friendly.

In-depth behaviour

Dive deeper to see how your audience engaged with the contents of your story, and view exactly where they came from.

Google Analytics

Natively forward all visitor data to Google Analytics to analyse the statistics with the tools you’re already used to.

Google Tag Manager

Integrate external third-party tools with GTM and connect each event happening within a Maglr story from a pre-filled datalayer.

Push to Zapier

As soon a form is submitted data is forwarded by mail or pushed to Zapier. From there you are able to connect this data with every platform available.

Pardot, Hubspot & Marketo forms

Natively integrate your custom forms within the form module. Use these within a page set them up to use as a content gate.

Marketing integrations

Integrate external CRM trackers and push all available Maglr events happening in and around your Maglr story.


Reach visitors on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other platforms with remarketing pixels. Even after they leave your interactive stories.

On brand

Keep everything aligned with the corporate identity

Custom domains

Connect your corporate domains to use for your interactive stories. Automatically provided with an SSL-certificate for secure browsing and improved SEO-ranking.

Custom navigation

Set up custom navigation menu's to suit your preferences.

Custom fonts

Upload your custom fonts, or select a font from the vast Google Fonts library.

Colour styles

Set up centralised colour styles to automatically adjust the templates to your corporate style, even including your custom fonts.

Pre-set templates

Create custom templates for the users of your Maglr environment.

Work together

Keep control of your content when working with multiple users

Keep control

Organise all your stories and bring structure with category folders. Control access through individual user roles and secure your stories to protect your brand. All in a single dashboard.

Team collaboration

Share projects to collaborate with colleagues. Send out secured previews and collect feedback to reach your deadlines faster.

Segment user roles

Set up individual user roles to determine exactly who gets access to which part of your Maglr dashboard.

Work in teams

Divide your colleagues into Teams to facilitate better collaboration environments for larger groups.


Set-up templates

Create custom templates for the users of your Maglr environment.


Hosting & security

Fast global performance, hosted in Europe

Hosted at AWS (EU)

All data, uploaded and published is stored within Amazon Web Services, location Frankfurt EU, delivering an uptime of 99,9%.

Global CDN

Performance is boosted by a global CDN. Temporary storing a copy of your publication in a local region for faster loading times.

Auto SSL

New domains added to the dashboard are served with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate by default. No custom certificates needed.

Secure with 2FA

On top of the regular dashboard login it's (optional / obligated) to add 2FA using an external authenticator app.

Secure with SSO

For organisations using our Enterprise plan we offer SSO integration on top of the dashboard login.



Grant access to specific Maglr content by connecting your user accounts with our API.



Get in touch with real humans. Always.

Personal support

No time for bots. Chat, call or email with real employees, and always have your questions answered within 24 hours.

In-house studio

Reach out to an expert of our in-house Maglr Studio to help with your next project.


Our dedicated Customer Success Manager will help you understand the platform in a free virtual onboarding session.

Crash course

Become a certified Maglr Professional with our Crash Course for Maglr Pro. Available at

Help centre

Learn everything about the Maglr platform at