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Perfect for marketing-, communications- and sales-teams who want to start creating interactive stories themselves.

per month
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Create with Block editor
Customise 100+ pre-designed templates
Integrate marketing tools
Publish to custom domain
Most popular license


Developed for the designer who wants to design pixel-perfect interactive stories.

per month
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Access to Pro editor
Lock projects with content gates
Personalise published stories
Optimise for SEO & (WCAG) Accessibility


For organisations creating larger amounts of stories, who collaborate at scale and have strict security requirements.

per month
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Work together in teams
Secure with SSO
Export & sync to server
Audits & custom contracts


Amount of standard users
Amount of projects

You can publish an unlimited amount of projects inside one navigation environment (which contains the settings (logo, domain name, analytics, text and colour settings for one brand.

Project published in environment

A license includes one environment from where you can style the complete surrounding navigation with logo, domain name, seo, analytics, text and colour settings for one brand. It's possible to add more navigation environment in case you would like to split publications for multiple labels, internal & external comms, or brands within you organisation.

Navigation environment
Environment surrounding your projects
Access to editors
Two editors to create your stories
Block editor
Block & Pro editor
Block & Pro editor
Account security
Additional security for user logins

Data traffic depends on the number of visitors, pages viewed and amount of images per page. For example: with 100GB about 5000 visitors per month can view an average magazine of 10 pages.

Data traffic per month (fair use)
1000GB +
Virtual onboarding

Next to the online crash course, the help website and the youtube channel with all sorts of help videos, we can offer a one hour tour explaining the most important topics of Maglr.

One-hour platform walkthrough with our Customer Success Manager
Personal support
Via live chat, phone, or e-mail


Block editor
Basic editor for all creators
Pro editor
Extensive editor for the designer
Import existing designs
Import Sketch or Figma files into the Pro editor

For the Block editor you can choose from a big range of pre-defined templates. For the Pro editor we offer a selection of example templates you can further adjust.

Work with professionally designed templates
Custom templates
Create custom templates for your users
Slide publications

Our classic multi-page navigation where a visitor can navigate horizontally through the pages.

Linear horizontal navigation
Stack publications

A navigation where the first page is presented as scrollable longread, showing the most important topics and opening new pages on top of the current one. A more user friendly navigation for mobile devices or stories where a visitor can just pick specific topics to read.

Vertical navigation with stacking subpages
Micro content

Micro content is a standalone pagetype without any menu or navigation elements shown around the design of the page. A micro content page can be used for infographics, event pages, landing pages and branded stories to seamlessly embed within a website.

Standalone pages without a navigation environment

The Pro editor contains a WCAG module to add additional information to page elements, aligning them with WCAG standard. This requires an additional 'meta enrichment' step for each page created in Pro. Contact sales for more information.

Optimise pages for WCAG & SEO

Where the Block editor offers some basic animations, the Pro editor let you create anything you have in mind. With custom in & out animations, scroll animations, keyframe & parallax animations you have the tools to create an impressive page.

Add all sorts of animations to your interactive stories
Add YouTube, Vimeo or Custom MP4
YT / Vimeo
YT / Vimeo / MP4
YT / Vimeo / MP4
Add background audio or audio players

With our form builder it's simple to create forms and add these to any pages within your publication or landing page. The results can be e-mailed or pushed to Zapier from where it's possible to connect your favourite CRM tool.

Create native forms
Create all types of charts
Custom HTML
Add custom HTML to pages
Embed content
Embed external sources


Secure publication
Password or auto-login
Secure by IP
Only allow visitors from your corporate IP-address. Perfect for internal communications.
Single Sign-on

We offer the option to secure a domain name with SSO, used for internal publications where employees need to identify themselves with, for example, a corporate Microsoft account. Contact sales for more information.

Secure publications with SSO for your internal audience
Offline download

With an annual license it's possible to download a publication for back-up purpose or with the option to host it in you local server. Contact sales for the technical details.

Download published content as ZIP (annual license only)
Sync to server

A custom Enterprise integration where the published project is directly synced to the customers local server. With this option it's possible to host interactive publication on the root domain, instead of a subdomain. Improving SEO performance for content on the domain already available in search engines.

Publish directly to your own server via SFTP

Public publication can be indexed by search engines, just like a website. Through the Pro editor it's possible to optimize each page and make it more index friendly along with SEO meta tags. Connect Google Console to get more insights on you publications 'index' performance.

Optimise pages for search engines
Content gate

Share content semi-public, by letting visitors read the first few pages and let them subscribe to continue. Configurable through the dashboard with custom overlays & forms integrated with Zapier..

Gate your interactive stories to gather more leads
Personalise by URL

When a publication is shared with your audience A/B testing is possible by configuring specific pages to be shown, or replacing texts & images with personalised information.

Personalise stories (A/B) through URL parameters to replace specific content
Personalise & send
Let employees create personalised publications to share by mail

For sales content we offer a 'personalisation' module. An employee can select the project, the pages and overwrite logo's or text variables, creating a personalised brochures or presentation in minutes, sharable by link or e-mail with tracking included.


All license include the option to embed a multi-page publication in an iframe. The advanced embed option include fullscreen embedding of a single page and embedding in an overlay.

Multiple ways to embed your story
Present offline
Download publications to present offline with our desktop, tablet & mobile apps
On request
On request


Real-time statistics

Extensive statistics giving a real-time overview of the performance per project, per page and per element within your design.

Extensive insights in visitor behaviour
Google Analytics

All interactions, views and events happening in a Maglr publication are forwarded to GA where you have the option to creat your own custom filters.

Natively connect GA3 (UA) or GA4
Google Tag Manager

Just like the Google Analytics integration we provide a DataLayer with all possible events happening inside a Maglr page. These events can be integrated with any third party tool that connects with GTM.

Implement custom code & connect trackers via GTM
Custom forms
Natively connect with Mailchimp, Pardot, Marketo or Hubspot
Effortlessly connect with 2000+ tools via Zapier.


Domain name
Custom domain name with SSL
Hosted at AWS (EU Frankfurt) with fast global CDN
Colour styles
Set-up multiple colour styles to stay in line with your corporate brand style
Custom fonts
Upload custom fonts or select Google fonts
User roles
Control user rights through different roles and additional restrictions
Work together
Share and collaborate on projects
Single Sign-on

We support SSO for Microsoft AD & Google. For custom SSO integrations please contact sales.

Centrally manage user accounts and login details through SSO

For organisations with multiple countries, departments or brands we offer the option to split users over teams. Each team can be configured with different roles and access rights where the main admin keeps an overview what is published around his brands.

Divide users into teams to facilitate multiple work environments
Support with corporate audits & security checks

Our API can be used to directly integrate publications (covers - thumbnails) within a website overview or create custom login scenario's where the client is using it's own payment/login wall.

Connect with the Maglr API to manually set up custom integrations

Extend with additional features

Our team at Maglr

Have any questions about the additional features of Maglr? Our team is happy to answer them!

contact us


Expand your license with additional users.
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Work together in multiple teams

Additional users

Users can log in to the dashboard and create projects, along with additional technical settings that they have access to via their user roles.

Within each license, the amount of seats can be extended. All seats can be filled with personal user acounts.

per user, per month

Navigation environment

Create interactive stories for multiple brands or labels.
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per month

Presenter apps

Download your stories and present them offline with our tablet (iOS/Android) or desktop (MacOS/Windows) apps.
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Maglr offline windows, mac & iOs apps

The Maglr Presenter apps

For when you're missing an internet connection, we offer a 'Presenter' module. This allows access to our Maglr Presenter desktop (MacOS / Windows) and tablet (iOS/Android) apps.

When a user logs in with their credentials, they are able to see the projects they (or their colleagues) created, allowing them te download and present them directly through the apps.

These projects are 100% similar to their online variants, even when running offline. This makes the Presenter apps perfect for sales teams, offering them a centralised platform for all their sales presentations that's always up-to-date.

Contact us for more information about the Presenter apps.

on request

Hire our experts

Let our in-house Maglr Studio help you with the design and production of your interactive stories.
per hour

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimal duration of a license period?

A Maglr license can be purchased per month or per year. With an annual license, we offer the additional option to download your project as a ZIP-file for offline use or to upload to your own server.

How many stories can I publish with my license?

There is no limit to the amount of interactive stories you can create. An unlimited amount of stories can be published within the same navigation environment.

Which license do I need?

Maglr offers three different license types, each with their own strengths & features:

- A 'Basic' license gives you access to our user-friendly Block editor. Perfect for Marketing & Sales teams looking to rapidly produce interactive stories.

- A 'Pro' license provides access to both the Block editor, as well as our fully fledged Pro editor. Perfect for Design teams looking to create stunning interactive stories with pixel-perfect precision.

- An 'Enterprise' license allows access to both the Block and Pro editors, as well as additional features designed for larger businesses. This includes the ability to divide users into multiple Teams, as well as forcing them to sign in using Single Sign-on (SSO).

I have multiple brands or labels. Do I need multiple licenses?

Not directly. If needed, we offer the option to extend your license with an additional navigation environment to use for another brand/label. Through this environment, interactive stories can be split along with different branding:

- Logo + general information
- Colours & typography of the surrounding navigation
- Different navigation types
- Add a separate Google Analytics or GTM container
- Change side menu options

Can I use my own domain for my interactive stories?

Yes. Your interactive stories are hosted on our global (GDPR-copmliant) network and distributed via our high-speed content delivery network (CDN) to ensure the best experience for your audience.

By default, your stories will be visible on, but you can easily choose to connect your own domain or subdomain. Your domain will automatically receive an SSL-certificate to meet all of today's requirements. With an Enterprise license, you can also choose to host the files on your own servers.

What happens to my stories when I end my license?

When your license expires, all published stories will be taken offline. You can still log in to the dashboard and see your projects, but you can't edit and/or publish them anymore.

The data of your stories themselves is not lost. If an annual license was purchased, we also offer the option to download your projects as ZIP-files. These can be used offline or to manually bring the story online again.

Where are my publications hosted?

All uploaded data to Maglr is stored at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Frankfurt (EU), fully compliant with GDPR laws. Published stories are distributed wordwide via Cloudeflare's international content delivery network (CDN), ensuring the everyone around the world will be able to view your story within seconds.

With an Enterprise license, we also offer the option to host & distribute the published data via your local server. Please contact us to help out with this setup.

What happens when I exceed the data traffic limit?

The amount of traffic is an indicative limit. The amount of data traffic depends on the number of visitors, pages viewed and amount of media per page. For example: 5000 visitors viewing an average of 10 pages per visit would result in 100GB data traffic.

It's no problem if you rarely exceed this limit. We'll get in touch if the data traffic limit is exceeded occasionally to talk about a working solution.

Please contact us if you already know that you're going to distribute your interactive stories to a very large audience (ie. 25,000 recipients). We can facilitate additional caching layers and advise you further on the distribution of your story.

How can I purchase a Maglr subscription?

After your trial has expired, you can purchase a license directly through the dashboard to continue where you left off. This applies to all license & payment types. You can also contact us if you require annual payment via invoice.

What kind of payment methods does Maglr offer?

We offer several payment options. You can choose for a monthly or annual license period, which can be paid directly through the dashboard by Credit Card or iDeal, via our payment provider Adyen.

Monthly licenses are billed automatically each month and can be canceled via the dashboard. For annual licenses, a new payment must be started manually after the 1 year period.

Organizations that would like to pay by invoice, or have specific payment requirements / purchasing processes, can do so in combination with an annual contract. Please contact us for more information.

Can I measure the statistics of my stories?

Through the dashboard, you are able to view detailed real-time statistics of the interactive stories you create. Through extensive filtering, you can dive deeper into the analytics per campaign, per page or even per event.

If desired, we also offer the possibility to connect your own Google Analytics or Tag Manager environments. These tools can be used to natively forward the data of your publications, so you can analyse these statistics via the tools you're already familiar with.

Can I connect Maglr with other marketing/analytics tools & platforms?

Maglr offers many integrations with third-party applications, such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager can be connected with many (re)marketing tools, CRM-platforms or analytical tools.

Visitor information that is requested through forms & content gates can be natively collected through Hubspot, Mailchimp, Marketo and Pardot. It's also possible to forward this data via Zapier to 2000+ other available tools.

When I request the help of your studio, can I still edit the story myself?

Maglr Studio can assist on multiple levels. From the initial strategy and the creation of your interactive story, to providing a detailed analysis of its achieved results.

The end-result of our efforts is an interactive story made with our own Maglr platform, with a back-end you have access to yourself. This allows you to make simple edits (if desired), or to use this project as a template for any future interactive stories.

Does Maglr comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)?

At Maglr, we strive to provide creators with the right tools and a user-friendly platform to create accessible content for all audiences. An interactive story that’s created with Maglr can be configured to be compliant with the WCAG guidelines. In our Pro editor, you can use our built-in Accessibility Checker to change and structure elements to become accessible to visitors of all abilities.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are the international standards on web accessibility. These standards have been set up to improve the readability of content, so that everyone is able to perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with digital content.