We constantly release new features and fix bugs to improve the platform. This changelog shows an overview of the most recent changes.

November 2, 2023

Small changes
Pro editor
  • [F] Fonts now work better in the pro-editor
  • [F] Fixed a bug with cropping images in the pro-editor
  • [F] Fixed a bug where elements on mobile would be placed too far down the page

October 13, 2023

Latest changes
Pro editor
  • [N] Convert multiple rich text elements to headings
  • [E] When drawing an element there is a minimum size now
  • [E] Right aligned text aligns a bit better now
  • [E] Layerpanel icon stays in place when moving the layerpanel to the left
  • [F] Multiple sticky position bugs have been fixed
  • [F] Small visual bug for masked line in layer panel
  • [F] Fix for box-shadow on png images on mobile
  • [F] Fix for element borders that weren't correct after switching pages after zooming
  • [F] Background audio didn't always stop when closing the editor preview
  • [F] Images with spaces caused problems in slideshows inside the editor

August 28, 2023

Some pro-editor changes
Pro editor
  • [E] Put the scene box-shadow back.
  • [E] Center the canvas when opening a page.
  • [E] Disabled disproportional scaling of proportional element while holding shift key.
  • [F] Fixed problems with inline links when the project was not selected.
  • [F] Fixed a problem with slideshow images with spaces.
  • [F] Changed the fly in notification for micro-content pages because preview links don't work in certain situations.
  • [F] Fixed a situation where the save dialog when switching pages wouldn't work properly.
  • [F] Fixed double link detection

July 20, 2023

Left side layer panel, canvas overflow & improved category selection
Pro editor
  • [E] Pro - CTRL -> Scroll, now better zooms to current cursor position
  • [N] Pro - Option to move layer panel to left side of the editor (read blog)
  • [N] Pro - Option to show elements (semi-transparent) overflowing the canvas
  • [E] Pro - Import screen now has a select-all elements option
  • [E] Pro - Option to quickly unfold all folders in layer panel
  • [E] Dashboard - Category selection in project settings also shows connected domain
  • [E] Statistics - Added additional descriptions to explain different numbers
  • [E] Statistics - Fixed grouping of unique visitors clicking an element in de detailed page view

July 4, 2023

No items found.
  • [E] The charts have a few more options and several bugs have been fixed.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed some issues with placing embeds in the mobile view.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed vector preview in mobile element library.
  • [F] Pro - Resetting elements works more consistent on mobile.
  • [F] Pro - Copy paste on mobile had some errors that have now been fixed.
  • [F] Pro - Resizing groups changed the ratio sometimes, this has been fixed.

June 28, 2023

No items found.
  • [E] The contact form webhook is now easier to configure.
  • [E] More events will be shown in the stats now.
  • [E] Pro - Spread navigation links show images for clarity.
  • [F] Pro - Fix for a bug where gradients wouldn't work on mobile.

June 26, 2023

No items found.
  • [E] Pro - Added info/help icon to blend mode because some combinations cause blend mode to break.
  • [E] Pro - Add images to control navigation.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed the longpage dragger when switching from fullscreen desktop scene to mobile.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed the mixed value and inline styles search for all text types.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed a situation where charts didn't work because of empty rows.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed the text editing of floating element.

June 21, 2023

No items found.
  • [E] Some transitions between pages are now updated.
  • [E] The statistics work better for pages with large amounts of interactive elements.
  • [F] In some cases charts wouldn't start animating.

June 15, 2023

No items found.
  • [N] Pro - Tables can be added to pro pages.

June 12, 2023

No items found.
  • [N] Pro - You can now add video's by pasting the url on the workspace.
  • [E] Pro - Changed the delay when hovering a group in layers.
  • [E] Pro - Added a check to see if a png has transparancy.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed small bug with some texts going bold when editing.
  • [F] Pro - Fix for adding an element in single scene mode.
  • [F] Pro - Fixed the layer location when adding en element to a group.
  • [F] Pro - Fix for adding new elements on mobile while the group was already added.
  • [F] Pro - Some fixes for sticky groups that weren't in the right location.
  • [F] Pro - More fixes for upcoming tables functionality.