We constantly release new features and fix bugs to improve the platform. This changelog shows an overview of the most recent changes.

January 4, 2023

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  • [N] Added the Turkish language for projects and interface.
  • [E] New button for support chat available in dashboard, website and editor.
  • [E] Font change in user icons and they now have random background colors.
  • [F] Direct link to scenes on mobile is now fixed.
  • [F] The fill setting on video's and images now works again, a chrome update caused the problem.
  • [F] New group members now receive the right link in their email.

December 16, 2022

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  • [E] The contact text in the interface can now hold 750 characters.
  • [E] A change in the new project flow to make sure stack projects don't hold block-template pages.
  • [E] Improved the naming of typefaces and fonts.
  • [E] When stats are disabled this will be shown in the overview and stats page.
  • [F] Menubar came in view in the carousel embed, this is fixed now.
  • [F] The back button in the dutch stack interface didn't have enough room.
  • [F] Some images and texts didn't display correctly in a PDF export
  • [F] Fixed a situation where the page name wouldn't be saved.