Development roadmap

A complete overview of the bigger changes we are working on at Maglr. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop.


Publish in modern CSS Grid

A big improvement where existing Pro pages will be publish in CSS grid format. Improving loading times and adding fluid scaling.

Custom element styles

Save your element settings as a custom style to apply these to similar elements. Can be used to create (global) H1, H2, etc. styles for example.

In development

Variable positioning & sizes

Elements can grow or shrink to fit as their contents change. Grouped elements automatically reposition themselves to maintain their alignment with other elements.

Stack container

A new type of container where you can quickly add elements with a similar 'row-column' editing behaviour like we use in the 'Block editor'.  Making it easier to create text lay-outs that will directly sync on the same container in your mobile design.

Separate Design & Edit modes in Maglr Pro

Switch between different modes in the Maglr Pro editor. This allows a designer to set the stage, while an editor can further complete the publication with content elements. Edit-mode will contain all (& more) features of the current Block editor.


Gauge element

Style and configure all sort of animated 'Gauges' to directly use in your design.

Roadmap project marked done

Lottie element

Import Lottie animations as separate element inside a Maglr page.

Roadmap project marked done

Counter element

We're adding a customisable counter element to the Maglr Pro editor. Can be used to visualise & animate data, create progress bars, and much more.

Roadmap project marked done

Table element

Add, edit & animate fully customisable tables in the Maglr Pro editor.

Roadmap project marked done

Improved text editor

Upgrade to the existing text editor to enable more customisation options in the Maglr Pro editor. Both for inline text as the entire text elements themselves.

Optional settings for inline text will be moved to the elements panel.

Roadmap project marked done

Revamped undo / redo

Improved the 'undo' & 'redo' features to better reflect their functionality.

Roadmap project marked done