MAGLR BLOG / 23 November 2018

November update: Better insights into reading behaviour

Over the past two months, Maglr has focused on simplifying functionalities. If you have logged in last week, you will have noticed that the dashboard has received a big update.  

New statistics available in dashboard

Statistics per publication

One of the most important parts that could be improved is the statistics. Customers who want to request detailed reports about the visitor's behaviour need to go in-depth using Google Analytics, which is not the easiest tool to use nowadays. In the Maglr dashboard, we have solved this by creating a pre-rendered overview based on your Analytics data. It shows the most important information per publication. You can open the statistics page from the dashboard, or from the left menu in the page overview.

What's available in the improved statistics overview:

  • Summary with the most important figures such as number of visitors, pages per visit and average reading time 
  • An overview of how the visitor navigates through the publication; what does your reader find interesting and where does your reader get lost?
  • View in detail per page whether a specific button is clicked, or whether a video is being played
  • And of course some technical information, how many % of the visitors is reading the publication on mobile?

This new Analytics option can be viewed separately for each publication and thus provides an overview of the data of a specific publication. When you want more depth with the statistics or a global overview, then you can retrieve it yourself from Analytics. Read our docs on how to create advanced selections in Analytics.

Integration Google Tag manager

We offer a standard integration with Google Analytics which is more than sufficient for most users. Do you, as a marketer, want to go a step further in your analysis? Then we offer Google Tag Manager. 

With Google Tag Manager you can load third-party scripts (software parties) into the navigation interface of your publication. This can be an external measuring pixel or a cookie check.

If you want to use Google Tag Manager, keep in mind that you add Google Analytics to the 'GTM' bucket yourself. Keep in mind, GTM is more complex to use than 'standard' Analytics. In case of misuse, errors can be caused within the publication of a publication.

Possibility to send personal e-mails

Send a presentation or publication via a personal e-mail from the dashboard

Are you sending a publication to a large group of recipients? Then we advise a platform like Mailchimp. Do you want to send a publication or presentation with a personal salutation to a client? This is now directly possible via the dashboard.

When sharing the publication (in the dashboard) you choose 'Send by mail'. After completing the data, check the e-mail via the preview option. Color and logo are set according to the navigation design. After sending, your customer will receive a good looking e-mail with a direct link to the publication. The e-mail is sent from your name. Any answers to your e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.

A simplified version of this functionality is also available for Preview links. Do you want to send a customer a link to check quickly? Then for previews, you can now also use the dashboard.

Check your SEO tags in an easy way

Double-check before sharing

If you share a publication or article on social media, it is possible that texts in the title or in the description are incorrect. After you have adjusted this, it may take some time for the text to be updated on social media networks and search engines.

To make this clear in advance, we have created an extra check screen within the 'share pop-up'. Per page you can see which thumbnail, title and description are retrieved from Maglr by social networks and search engines. 

You can adjust it on three levels. Through the general environment settings, within the publication or per page. More details on our help website

Quickly create a PDF of your publication or presentation

Do you want a print version next to your interactive publication? Then we offer the Maglr 'Print' module. Here you can indicate in detail how the PDF will look in relation to the interactive version. 

Do you want a quick export? Then we offer the possibility to convert the publication to PDF. Note that this is a simple export. For example, pages that contain layering, where information is hidden in pop-ups, can not be properly converted to PDF. You can see them in the editor.

Whether the PDF is ultimately usable is entirely up to the layout of the page. This module was originally developed for converting easily formatted presentations to PDF, which can be used as a handout or support.

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