MAGLR BLOG / 09 October 2020

Maglr Update 2020 (3 of 3)

Dashboard changes & managing projects


October 2020 - In this last article of our 3-series update, we guide you through every new change of the dashboard. We have made it easier to manage, share and preview your projects. Login to your dashboard and read on to learn more about this update.


Summary of updates in this article:

  • Duplicating a project
  • Archiving a project
  • New forward email design
  • Creating a visual link banner for email
  • Download and export projects
  • Switch project type
  • Shared project notification
  • Quick mobile preview with QR codes

Duplicate a project

Duplicating a project

It is possible to duplicate an existing publication in two different ways: a) when you start a new project, choose the publication to copy and mark the pages you would like to use or b) duplicate an existing project from the overview page. Learn more on how to duplicate a project in your Maglr dashboard.

Archiving a project

Archiving a project 

Every now and then you want to clean up your dashboard without having to delete a project and lose all of its data in Maglr. In that case, you are able to move your projects to the archive. Without deleting the project and its data, it is still available in the Archived section through the Project categories overview. Learn more on how to archive a project.

Share and forward project via email

New email design 

From our dashboard, it is possible to share your publication by email. This feature allows you to forward your publication to a single email address. Not only can you add a personal message to your email, but you also are in control of how the color style of the email will look. Via the settings in your dashboard, you can configure the color style and its default font, text size, link or background color. 

Before you send the email, you can preview how it will look. You also have the option to activate an animated cover, which will show a simplified slideshow animation of the first three pages of your publication. 

Share email with visual link banner

Creating a visual link banner for email

When your project is published and live, you are able to share your publication with a direct link. We have added a new feature where you are able to create and copy a visual link banner that can be easily pasted into your email message. This banner shows a preview of the cover and title to make it stand out in the designated email. Learn more on how to create a visual link banner.


Download and export projects

Publications created with Maglr are usually hosted on our servers. For users with a Pro or Enterprise license, we also offer the option to export the complete publication as an HTML5 download. With the Export .zip function, users can download a specific publication to their computer as a .zip-file. This export can be used offline, put on an external server or as a portable solution. Learn more on how to download and export publications in Maglr.


Switch project type

When you start a new project, you get the option to create and choose between different publication types; Publication or Campaign page. A publication for projects with multiple pages surrounded by a navigation interface. A ‘campaign page’ for plain standalone pages. In case your project type might change in the future, you are now able to switch between publication types via the project settings.

Email notification shared project

Shared project notification

When you have multiple users working in the same Maglr account, you can assign projects to and share with other users. This functionality is used when other users have limited rights but are allowed to edit a specific project. Access the project settings from the project overview to share the project with another user. Once you have assigned a new user to a project, they will receive an email with the notification that the project is now available to edit through the dashboard.

Quick mobile preview with QR code

Quick mobile preview with QR codes

If a user wants to share a project directly from the dashboard, they have several options to choose from to access the publication on a desktop or laptop. Before this update, you would have to take a few steps before you were able to view the publication on a mobile device. In order to quickly access the mobile version of a project, you can now create a QR code so that you only need to scan the code to view it on a mobile device. To create a QR code, you need to go to the project page overview or project settings and click on the QR code icon.


This is the third and last of the articles about the series of updates that have been made to the Maglr content creation platform. Login to the dashboard to start creating or request a 14-day demo trial to discover the features of our platform.

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