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Update: Teams & User rights

October 19, 2022
Update: Teams & User rights

Bigger teams require structured workflows. That’s why we have made it easier to manage multiple users and teams in Maglr. With this update, we’ve improved the flow to invite new users, better manage their roles and the option to create teams* to have multiple users working with the Maglr platform.

*creating Teams in Maglr are only available to accounts with an Enterprise license

Maglr users and their roles

Managing user rights

To provide more structure, within multi-user accounts, we've added the option to assign user permission roles. Each role has its own rights and access to features or projects to work within the dashboard. Admins of the account can assign these roles to existing and new users. Every time a new user is added to the account, the super admin assigns them to a team with a corresponding role. There are six roles that can be assigned:

  • Super admin: has access to all important settings and projects.
  • Team leader: can see all projects inside his team. Option to invite members to his team.
  • Designer: create projects with the Block and Pro editor. Option to add fonts and edit color styles.
  • Editor: create projects using the Block editor.  

The next two roles are only available when the account has activated the Presenter and/or Personalise & Send module:

  • Mailer: users are only allowed to send and personalise projects, not create or edit projects.
  • Presenter: users are able to log into the Maglr presentation apps. No option to create or edit projects.

Categories and user rights

Permissions can also be configured to project categories. This way, admins can determine who gets which rights to view or edit a category in the dashboard. There are four different category permissions:

  • Personal category: all users only see their own projects that can be shared with other colleagues
  • Team category: all users are able to view and edit each other's projects in this category.
  • Read category (read-only): users can only view projects in this category or add pages from this category in their own projects.
  • Admin category (private): this category is only visible to the admin user. Projects in this category can be shared separately.
International teams working with Maglr

Work with multiple Teams*
With this new update, Enterprise accounts now have the ability to create multiple teams or (cross-border) departments with their own 'team leader'. This is especially useful for companies with a lot of Maglr users that work across multiple departments, locations and/or countries.  

Work together with your team on different projects in the dashboard and share it internally with your colleagues to receive feedback. A user can be assigned to different teams. It's possible to assign different roles to a user per team they are connected to. For example, a user can be assigned the 'Designer' role in Team NL, while the same user would be an 'Editor' in Team UK. 

Configure custom settings per team

Custom settings per team 

It’s possible to create a preset per team for the domain name, available publication types, local color style, language and navigation environment. Because when teams are divided over multiple departments or countries, custom configurations could be required for users creating new projects. For example, when a user is creating a new project in Team NL, the language will automatically be set to ‘Dutch’ and the color style set to his local branding.   

Learn more about users, categories and teams in our Help Center.

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