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Update: Maglr Pro’s new features and improvements

October 19, 2022
Update: Maglr Pro’s new features and improvements

A new update for our Maglr Pro editor

Creating interactive content never has been this easy before. Our Maglr Pro editor has got a big update. And we're damn proud of it too. Do you want to know what has changed? Then read on!

Maglr Pro Performance

First of all, we paved the way to a smoother way of creating dynamic content with our platform. We have improved the performance of the editor, making the Maglr Pro editor much faster. And you will certainly notice that when you are working with projects that contain a lot of content and elements.

Blend mode

Attention designers! Thanks to the improved support of CSS blend modes in most browsers, it is now possible to blend multiple layers in Pro publications! In the editor, you place two layers on top of each other and apply the Blend Effect via the right panel. You will directly see the applied result on the canvas.

Multi-select & multi-scale

Work even more effectively with groups in the Pro editor. Select multiple elements of the same type and position or change the values of all elements at once. Adjust the color, font size, font or give each element the same border or transparency.

Image Cropper

When you need to adjust or crop an image to a custom size, you can open the updated "Image Cropper" module in the right panel. With this module, you can adjust the format and its aspect ratio or form a new composition. Crop, resize and rotate your image to your desired needs.

Wait, there's more!

We have put all improvements and updates of our Pro editor in an explaining interactive publication:

  • Allocate headings to text
  • Copy and paste between scenes
  • Auto-scaling of text containers
  • New changes to Layer panel
  • Coloured selection boxes
  • New interface link options
  • Added border styles

Click to learn more and discover all of the new features in our Maglr Pro update:

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