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Improved text editing and multi-scene capabilities

April 19, 2023
Improved text editing and multi-scene capabilities

You haven’t heard from us in a little while, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t busy. Besides the launch of our new website, we’ve also improved our Pro editor and enriched it with brand-new features. In this update, we’ll walk you through the most important changes.

A faster experience

To prepare for numerous upcoming features, our initial focus for this release was refining the fundamentals. Although the foundation of the editor was functional, it no longer aligned with the technical choices we made eight years ago. We invested significant effort into revamping our code, which may not be apparent in the visual output, but has certainly improved the system's speed. Dragging around elements feels snappier. The improvements will also allow us to swiftly incorporate new features faster.  

Stay tuned for our next update, where we will share more about what to expect from us in the coming year.

Multiple scene view & editing

No need to switch between scenes anymore. You can now instantly see all scenes of a single page at once. Elements can also be moved from one scene to another in a single drag.

What’s changed:

  • Show multiple scenes or just one scene on your canvas
  • Drag elements from scene to scene
  • Snappier performance when working in pages with a large amount of assets
  • Double click image elements to directly swap out the image
  • Improved import when you copy elements over from other pages
  • Remember the last edit position when jumping between scenes & pages
  • Better notification when a colleague is working on the same page

Revamped text editor

We have replaced the text editor with an improved version that is now better integrated into the editor. This new version allows for more precise inline changes to both heading and text elements. All editing options have been relocated to the right panel, even in inline edit mode, which eliminates the need for floating menus.

Among other things, you can now:

  • Apply extensive options to bullet lists & paragraphs
  • Better edit in multi-column layout mode
  • Create inline links, including links to downloads and other internal pages.
  • Quick shortcuts through the context menu

Improved undo & redo

Previously, our undo and redo options were sometimes inconsistent. At times, they would take two or even three steps at a time, or sometimes they wouldn’t see the need to take a step back/forwards at all.

We’re now happy to inform you that we’ve taken a very good look at this feature, and it now works exactly like you would expect from a design tool. With this undo change, we also improved our back-up functionality in case your browser crashes during your session. There is always a local version of the page stored in your browser.

Keyframe editor

Though its design remains similar, we have made significant improvements to the keyframe editor. We addressed and resolved many small bugs at once.  

One significant difference is the way we save keyframes. Each point within a keyframe animation is now stored as a percentage. If you change the length of the entire animation itself, the keyframes will now adjust proportionally. No need to re-align the frames manually anymore.  

Double-click to replace

Images, forms, and charts can now be double-clicked to open their editors to directly change the contents. There is no need to locate the seperate 'edit' buttons for these elements anymore, saving you another click in your design process.


To stay updated on developments within our platform, we have made our changelog public. While we communicate major updates through email or dashboard notifications, we do not always report on smaller changes. Starting last month, we began tracking all significant changes in the dashboard. These may include bug fixes that are important to know about, as well as minor changes and new features.

What’s coming?

In a next update we will inform you in detail about our larger plans for the upcoming year. Here are some of the improvements you can expect in the short term:

  • Tables
    Currently, you need to add a table as an image, which can be tedious to replace if changes need to be made. Soon, you will be able to create and format a table directly in the editor, with as many styling options as possible.  
  • Interactive components
    We are developing various small interactive components that can be easily added to your designs. These will include counters, gauges, share buttons, scroll indicators, and social elements. These are pre-programmed snippets that you can incorporate into your own designs using custom styling.
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