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Hosting update: we have migrated to AWS Frankfurt

October 19, 2022
Hosting update: we have migrated to AWS Frankfurt

As of July 2021, we have completely switched to a different hosting and content delivery network (CDN). Publications created with the Maglr platform are now hosted from Amazon Web Services Europe (AWS EU), based in Frankfurt. For our users, there’s no noticeable difference except for faster load times within the dashboard and published projects. Switching to Amazon Web Services ensures that the Maglr platform is ready for future growth. 

Scalable for growth

Over the years, we have grown considerably in the number of international customers and platform users. To offer them a future-proof and scalable solution, we made the switch to Amazon Web Services. Now that we have migrated, the Maglr platform runs on a series of virtual cloud servers. These servers are divided per task and are spread geographically over locations in the Frankfurt region. Whenever traffic increases, AWS servers 'autoscale'. This means that they automatically are duplicated to distribute traffic evenly.

AWS EU Frankfurt

Published Maglr content must be highly available and delivered quickly to a visitors' device when it is requested. Not just in Europe, but to visitors all over the world. The data of content that is created with Maglr is stored in Frankfurt (Germany, EU), partly due to European regulations. As soon as users upload content or publish projects, that data is stored at that location.

Cloudflare CDN 

To prevent long loading times to access Maglr publications, we use the Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). To minimize the distance between visitors and the AWS server, the CDN stores a cached version of our Maglr content in multiple geographical locations so that it can quickly distribute content worldwide.  

When a Maglr project is published, its content is resized and packaged in a format where visitors can access content via a domain name. For example, when visitors from Europe want to access a publication, it is done through a local server. But when a visitor wants to open the domain name from Australia, that request and loading times would take longer without a CDN because of the digital distance between Australia and Frankfurt. 

To prevent this, we use Cloudflare that temporarily stores data on servers around the world. When that person from Australia visits a Maglr publication, that data is retrieved the first time from AWS Frankfurt and then temporarily stored on a server in Sydney. Subsequent visitors from Australia will then load the same page from Sydney, ensuring faster loading times. Files on Cloudflare's caching servers are temporarily stored and automatically deleted. 

And when it comes to data, visit our Maglr Help Center where we will tell you more about how we handle and secure data or how Maglr complies with GDPR legislation.

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