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Drag multiple elements in the layer tree at once

February 1, 2024
Drag multiple elements in the layer tree at once

We have released a subtle yet significant improvement to your daily editing experience in Maglr Pro. Now, in the layers panel, you can seamlessly select and move multiple elements at once by holding down the 'shift' key.

Efficient editing with multi-element selection
No more tedious, one-by-one dragging! With this update, effortlessly select multiple elements using the 'shift' key and relocate them within the layer tree. A small change that makes a big difference, especially for those who spend their days dragging and dropping elements in the editor.

Shortcuts for faster selections
We also rolled out a set of keyboard shortcuts a few weeks ago to boost your editing speed. Here's a recap of what you need to know:

  • Tab-key Navigation: Easily navigate through groups and layers with the Tab key.
  • Shift + Cmd + [ ]: Move an element to the top or send it to the back swiftly.
  • Enter-key Magic: Experience the power of the Enter key, now functioning like a double click. Edit text, open a group, or access the media library with a simple keystroke.

These enhancements aim to streamline your workflow and make your editing process even more intuitive.  

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Product updates

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