Fullscreen embed example

With just a small 'embed snippet' you embed a complete webpage, created in Maglr Pro, between the header & footer of your corporate website. Just by a designer, no developers needed.

This is a Fullscreen DOM inject

The above example is a fullscreen Maglr embed. The embed script looks at the available space in the parent container and sets the size as big as possible. It automatically switch to a mobile version when the viewport scales down.

Used best with a CMS page template, only providing a header & footer, where the webteam is able to put in an 'embed code' inbetween, automatically filling up the space with a nice desinged page.

This type of embed is available as iframe or inject variantion. With the inject version, the HTML is injected in the DOM structure of the parent page. This way the content is becoming part of the page itself, making it easier for Google to index.

In this website you can find a lot of 'fullscreen embeds'. The platform pages, create, share, analyze and manage are all separate pages created in Maglr Pro and embedded between a plain header & footer page template.
Try this embed
<div id="maglr-orpeyxavrj" ></div><script type="text/javascript" src="https://embed.maglr.com/orpeyxavrj?target=maglr-orpeyxavrj" ></script>