Interactive publications

Turn your content into a compelling story, which asks for it to be read.

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Interactive publications

Your story deserves to be read

Enhance your content by the way you present it. Remove the distractions of a traditional website and add focus to the content’s storyline. Use all interactive possibilities of Maglr to enhance text and images. Take your readers into your story, where you convince, inspire or inform them. After that? Measure the result.

Turn your content into a compelling visual story

Make your story available on every type of device

Share your publication and gain insight into your readers

Compose your magazine with templates or design your own pages

Depending on your budget or expertise, you decide the layout of your magazine. You can just focus on the content with our predesigned and easy-to-use templates, or take it a step further and design your own pages with our Maglr Pro editor.

Pro Editor
Design and animate complex pages yourself with Maglr Pro

Choose customized pages if you want to design a form, layout, animation or interactive page yourself.

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Block editor
Create pages based on predesigned templates

Choose a template and create your story by dragging various layout elements into the page.

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The process

The steps towards a successful online magazine

A successful online magazine starts with the right content. If you have the content at hand, you will find plenty of matching templates to fit the material you have available. But what if you haven’t got any content available? Then our templates will be your guide to telling your story.


Available for every screen size, applicable for different kinds of magazines

Every page in your magazine must compel you to read it. Not only on a big screen with plenty of space for images and introductory headlines, but also smaller mobile screens. We took this into account when designing the layouts of our templates. That’s why your publications will always look good on desktop and mobile devices.


Share your magazine through different channels and measure the behaviour of your audience.

Publish your magazine on a different domain aside from your corporate website. Captivate your audience with your publication and determine the course of the story. Distribute the link to your publication in a newsletter or share it via social media. Comprehensive statistics will give you insight in reading time and click behaviour.

What else is possible
Fast worldwide hosting (CDN)

Publications are hosted via a CDN environment. As a result, a fast loading copy is available in every part of the world.

Your colours & typography

Recreate your corporate branding, upload your own fonts or choose from the collection of Google fonts.

Protect your publications

Protect a publication with a password or create an automatic secure login link that is easy to send by mail.

Choose from 5 navigation types

Choose from different navigation types with which the publications are displayed. Customise it with your own colour palette.

Search engine settings

Make separate adjustments to the titles and descriptions of a page. Suitable for search engines & social media posts.

Embed the publication

With an embed code you can place a single page or a complete publication in a external location.

Publish in multiple languages

Divide your publications across multiple environments, into different categories, domains or languages.

Your own domain

Choose a standard Maglr domain or link your own domain to a publication. SSL certificates are available as an extra option.

Offline possibilities

Optionally download the publications to your computer via our offline app, or install the Maglr iPad app for the iPad.