MAGLR BLOG / 15 May 2019

Short, powerful and visually attractive: Snackable Content

Snackable content: a term used for digital content that can be consumed quickly and without any effort

In the current digital content marketing landscape we have learned that snackable content is a perfect way to grab your target audience's’ attention. Scroll-stopping content that visually stands out on any website or social media feed. This type of content is designed to be relevant to your audience and is delivered in a bite-sized format. And mostly you’re craving for another bite.

Two types of content

First we make a distinction between two types of snackable content. In most marketing blogs you can read about "shortform" content that can be consumed quickly. With a focus on 'mobile first', this type of content is often shared in the form of short videos, flashy images, hilarious GIFs, audio snippets via social media and messaging apps.

But that is not all. Snackable content does not only serve as quick snacks that are served via social media or messaging apps. At Maglr we firmly believe that long and elaborate documents of information such as whitepapers or ebooks can be turned into visual and appealing pieces of content. Content that is easy on the eyes and can be understood quickly. By using images and/or animation that underline the essence of the text. We’re suckers for visual content, because they are easier to digest than going through several lines of text. It is is said that our brain can process images 60.000 times faster than text. So this means a large amount of text needs to be presented and cropped into a way that it’s crystal clear.

Which type of content would you prefer to read? Pick one below!

By shortening texts, supporting them with descriptive images and adding (sub)headings, you bring a clear structure and layout to the complete picture. This way you not only make it easy to scan for the reader, but also make the setup curious.

But don’t see these content snacks just as empty calories, because once you have their attention, they will crave for another bite! It is the perfect appetizer to let them listen to whatever message you have to tell them.

"Compare it to a trailer of a movie"

Compare it to a trailer or teaser of a movie. You often know from the trailer whether you want to see the entire film. But yet we’re still in control when and where we would like to go see it. The same goes for snackable content. It does not justify the goal but as a means to satisfy your hunger for more information. Because of their quick, easy-to-scan and shareable size it has the great potential to attract a larger audience.

Effective Snackable Content 101

The smart use of snackable content can be a great addition to your content marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness. Thanks to its engaging and shareable character it can improve your reach and impressions on social media.

For example: you’ve put a lot of work in writing a whitepaper or ebook. The only way to read it is by accessing it through gated content on your website or filling in a form to get a download link. Because you can’t promote all of its content directly on social media, you must find a way to grab your audience’s attention with snackable content. Try creating a post that contains an intriguing quote, (sub)title or image from your publication that will trigger people and give them a reason to share or download your content.

Try and convince them with different types of snackable content:

  • Infographics

  • Summary/Lists

  • Quotes

  • Audio snippets

  • Subtitles

  • Video teasers

  • Ephemeral Stories (i.e. Instagram/Facebook)

In summary: Snackable ‘shortform’ content can be perfectly served as an appetizer to satisfy your audience and let them crave for your ‘longform’ content (i.e. whitepaper, ebooks, infographics). It is great way to use visual storytelling to get them excited for the whole story. To present a larger amount of content easily and comprehensively, you pour it into a scannable and bite-sized format that is clear to the reader at a glance.

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