MAGLR BLOG / 26 October 2018

How do you make presentations with higher impact?

Creating a good corporate presentation is a special craft where a lot of factors need to be taken into account. How do you make a presentation that sells more? Which tool are you going to use for the presentation? How do you ensure that the presentation really stands out? PowerPoint presentations that consist of endless amounts of boring slides, is not what customers these days are waiting for. But which elements in a visual presentation ensure that your prospect will do business with you?

What are common issues

Powerpoint is a well known and accepted tool that everyone can work with. It makes it possible to make a presentation, in which you present textually and visually what you want to tell your prospect. However in many cases, Powerpoint users encounter a number of things. First, the presentation is a static file in which you follow one structure, it has a linear design. Second, a large Powerpoint file is difficult to share with prospects, it often contains many mb's of data. Third, future changes in presentations are difficult to update due to different versions of the PowerPoint file distributed among employees.

What do prospects need?

Many users of presenting tools indicate that they need more options to make presentations. They notice that it can be difficult for customers to pay attention to the presentation. The biggest challenge is; how can you ensure that customers pay attention to your presentation?

Your slides are a perfect match with your conversation
If you visit your customer, you do not immediately open your laptop to show all slides from your presentation. You first start the conversation to discover what the real question of your customer is. Based on these answers you can use the specific slides that help you with your story. Show what is important depending on the answers you just received from your customer. You decide how to navigate through your slides. With this way of working you keep surprising your customer with relevant information.

Visuals are more important than text
With Maglr, we asked ourselves the following question: How can we bring simple information to a screen which is visually stunning, making it more interesting to consume?

A professional layout is already a good start. Make sure the corporate identity of an organization is fixed and always looks the same in every presentation.

Usage of text in presentations must always be minimal. You present a product, idea or a service yourself. Images, animation and background videos are helping you with the story that you are telling. Do you have some side-info which can be interesting?  Use pop-ups and click on the button if necessary.

With an extended set of templates we give you a good starting point in Maglr for setting up visual pages. Do you want custom visual stunning slides? Then we offer our Pro editor with all the advanced possibilities for creating an interactive page.

An example of a background video that brings a simple page to life

Develop slides with dual function
The navigation structure plays a major role in the sequence of the presentation. First let the presenter choose the way of navigating and later the customer when they receive the presentation by mail. Short visuals and clear headlines during presentation ensure that the viewer stays involved.

You can achieve this depth by dividing a topic into vertical chapters. If you navigate through a presentation (from left to right), you only use main slides with summarized texts. If you want to go into the depth for a specific service, you navigate vertically downwards. Here you have all the space to view all details of the service in more detail. Slides remain more compact, easier to navigate and easier to maintain.

Send a personalized presentation and view the result
Sending a Powerpoint to your prospect (after the meeting) is a possibility, this is often done with Wetransfer because the file is too large for mail.

With Maglr we offer the option to choose the slides you want to send, together with a number of personalized pages specially made for the specific prospect. You send the presentation to your customer in a beautifully designed e-mail with a secured web link, which can be opened directly on desktop, tablet or mobile.

The customer receives a presentation with a personal note, adapted to the conversation with your sales. Want to see if your presentation is being viewed? You can view it afterward through extensive statistical analysis. You see exactly what the customer has viewed and opened. If needed this can be linked to your favorite CRM system.

A presentation that is always up-to-date
Do you work for a big corporation? Then data can change very frequently (also in your presentation). In Maglr we offer the possibility to link pages from the main presentation (which can be maintained by marketing) in your own story. If adjustments are being made in the main presentation slides, then you are always up-to-date with the latest company services. 

Share knowledge with your colleagues
Do you work with several colleagues in the same sales department? Presentation files are somewhere hidden on the server or laptop of your colleague and can be forgotten quickly.
In Maglr, slides created by other employees can easily be retrieved and re-used. Presentations do not have to be created from scratch but can simply be shared from one main portal.

Make sure your presentation works without an internet connection
Almost everywhere is WiFi or a connection with 4Gl. Not all connections are stable and work as they should. In Maglr we offer an App for the iPad and laptop. Before you go to an appointment, update the app with the most recent version of your presentation which you can show offline, fullscreen from a beamer.

What can Maglr do for your company?

With Maglr you create unique, visual and interactive content. Suitable for online magazines, whitepapers, presentations and interactive offers. Choose from many ready-to-use templates or use the advanced Pro editor for custom pages. Perfect for marketers and designers who, without technical knowledge, convert their content into a clear visual story.

What are the benefits for your company?

  • Create eye-catching visual presentations
  • Make last minute adjustments and keep your presentations in sync
  • Let colleagues easily share pages with each other
  • Send the presentation (secured) easily by mail
  • Read behavior is measurable with extensive statistics tools
  • You decide how you navigate through the slides based on customer interests
  • Customers can view your presentation wherever they want, in the office or at home on their phone
  • Possible to convert to a simple PDF print
  • More engagement from your customers