MAGLR BLOG / 15 May 2020

How content experiences boost remote selling

Challenging times call for innovative measures. Companies all around the world are facing a rapidly changing business landscape, where remote seems to become the new normal for most of us. In order to overcome the physical distance and keep businesses operating in this new reality, sales and marketing need to reconsider how they provide value and attention to their (potential) customers. We believe that the key to success for any team is communication. In this article we’ll tell you how online publications can deliver better content experiences and therefore boost remote selling.

Fortunately, the digital age has provided us with many resources to better facilitate remote work and digital communication. And as far tech stacks can go, nowadays almost everything can be connected to everything. Therefore we don’t drastically have to change the way we work, how we run businesses, how we sell and ultimately, how we keep providing value to our customers. Your tech stack can be the key to an empowered and efficient remote workforce.

Overall, software usage is increasing, companies are adapting their processes, and new tools are being adopted to support sales and marketing efforts. To achieve success, companies must focus on the mission-critical needs of their prospects, tighten or update their brand message, and create the right content to engage them throughout this new digital buyer journey.

online publications for better content experiences

Online publications for better content experiences

And because of this digital shift, instead of relying on static sales content, standard slideshow presentations and email attachments, companies can really boost remote selling with better content experiences, using online publications. Online publications are browser-based and offer an optimal content experience. The content experience being the total of 1) the environment in which the content lives, 2) how it is structured and 3) how it encourages people to engage with your company and its content. 

However, many of the current marketing and sales content still are distributed in a static format to their audience. Offering a mesmerizing content experience ensures that you get and retain the attention of the audience. Using online publications, they help Sales representatives easily distribute content in visually appealing branded environments that will guide buyers through a memorable content experience. 

How to let your presentation do the talking

Now that in-person meetings and interactions aren’t allowed, remote sellers need every edge they can get. And with the rise of video conferencing you need to grab every chance you get to stand out and present yourself as a trusted partner with your product or service. And with the ability to share your screen, your sales content can do the work for you and let your presentation do the talking.

Share your screen while giving a presentation

Boosting remote selling 

With that in mind, there are several benefits to efficiently use online publications for your remote sales team. As your salespeople can only be successful if they effectively engage buyers based on their preferences, it’s only logical to begin with the customer journey in mind. Therefore, Sales and Marketing operations both require exactly the same, customer-centric foundation. Below are some examples why an online publication - made with Maglr - can lead to a better content experience and thus accelerating remote selling.

Always on-brand

It is wise to invest in tools where your sellers can use to organize and distribute content on their own. And where Marketing doesn't have to worry about the quality of the brand assets. Today’s technology allows salespeople to replace static content with easy-to-navigate, fully brandable interactive presentations. For example, Maglr offers the opportunity to create master templates and adjustable templates for presentation purposes. Meaning that users are limited to adjust and change a complete presentation while staying on-brand.

Accessibility content

Ensure your remote team is spending more time selling and less time searching for content by having one centralized location that allows salespeople to discover, present and share the latest on-brand materials from anywhere. Preventing salespeople from using outdated or inaccurate content is difficult enough when they’re in the office – make sure your remote sellers are sharing marketing-approved materials no matter where they are.

Always on-brand with templates

Interactive presentation

To make an impression, Sales need a way to quickly and easily personalize content for buyers. With Maglr you can build a sales presentation with a customizable navigation interface for specific product lines, personas and verticals. And with also the ability to add custom personal content, sellers can present content in an engaging way that differentiates them from competitors. This way, you are not bound to follow a linear direction with your pitch and reveal in-depth information when you need it in your conversation. This way salespeople can collaborate and bring conversations to life with interactive buyer experiences.

Personalized sales content

Personalized content

Instead of emailing files afterwards to prospects with no context, online publications made with Maglr allow salespeople to guide buyers through individual pieces of content and add necessary information or spotlight important issues. And with the Maglr Presenter combined with the Personalized module, you can even personalize and send the content to better align it with the needs of the prospect. 

Data analytics: to measure is to know

Digital insights: to measure is to know

Because online publications are browser-based, it means that every interaction can be measured. Digital analytics data provides salespeople with a real-time overview of how buyers are interacting with specific content over time, allowing them to tailor their follow-ups accordingly. With the right analytics tools at their disposal, your sellers can see which pieces of content resonate with buyers and track their levels of interest. 

Data like email opens, page-by-page content views, downloads and forwards all help your remote sellers personalize follow-up communications and tailor messaging to match your buyer wishes, allowing them to shorten the sales cycle and deliver a better buying experience.

Sales enablement loves CRM

Sales enablement loves CRM

Last but not least, the integration of your sales enablement technologies, or the lack thereof, can make a huge difference. If you run a holistic sales enablement function, you are dealing with, at least, one sales enablement content management tool. Maglr can be integrated with your favourite CRM tool, meaning you will never lose sight of those important prospects.

To accelerate remote selling, marketers and salespeople need to understand the new digital buyer journey of their prospects and align, update and improve all (sales) content. The best kind of sales enablement content is high-value engaging content experiences that address these needs of the prospect.

Now that you know that online publications can help you to accelerate remote sales, do you have the right tools and software to create engaging presentations? Or do you need help creating content experiences and presentations? Learn more about creating presentations with Maglr or please contact our Studio.

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