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With Maglr Templates you can create beautiful, interactive publications without any technical or graphic expertise. Depending on your content, you can choose from over 100+ responsive templates, designed for every type of story.

Start with a template that matches the type of story you want to tell

The templates can easily be filled with content blocks

The pages work on desktop, tablet and mobile immediately


We offer templates for any kind of story

Do you have a clear idea of what your digital magazine should look like? Maybe you are a bit lost? You can compose your storyline by selecting a couple of templates, or use one of the preset magazine samples as your starting point.

Open a demo publication

Templates are automatically adjusted to the branding you have preset

Add the colours and typography of your organisation’s branding to a colour style. All selected templates within your publication will then automatically follow the colour style you have set


Inside a template you can compose your story with our preset content blocks

Working with our templates is really easy. Within the grid of the template you have plenty of freedom to add visual content. You will be able to see the results immediately.


What types of templates are available?

A long body of text in a scroll page or short pieces in separate pop-ups? In order to help visualise your story, our 150 templates have been designed to accommodate all amounts of text. Each will fit a different storyline.


Publish the pages yourself, directly available online on any device

From the dashboard you can choose a navigation type, set a domain name and publish your new magazine online. The responsive templates automatically ensure that your story can be read on any device.

Create application forms

Build application forms yourself within a template page. Applications are sent to an email address of your choice.

Interactive content blocks

Images, slideshows, tab bars, lightboxes, and pop-ups can be dragged into the template pages as content block.

Complex layouts with columns

The long page templates give you the freedom to create your own layout. Select various columns to determine the layout of the page.

Your own fonts or Google fonts

Recreate your corporate branding, upload your own fonts or choose from the collection of Google fonts.

YouTube & Vimeo videos

Simply place a video on a page by pasting a Youtube or Vimeo url into the editor.

Separate design possibilities for mobile

The Block editor contains a separate view bin which you can make minor corrections for your mobile view.

Optimised for mobile

For faster loading, images are automatically scaled down to the correct dimensions. Both for desktop, tablet and mobile.

SEO & Metadata settings

It’s possible to upload alternative meta descriptions or images per page, used by search engines & social networks.

Integrated Google Analytics

Not only the visited pages are measured, also internal clicks appear in your Google Analytics account in realtime.

iFrame Maglr API

Use the iFrame component to add custom content within a template. Our API gives extra integration possibilities.