The Pro editor

Extensive interactive possibilities for the graphic designer

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Complete freedom for the designer

Templates offer many possibilities within preset patterns. But if you prefer to design, organise and animate your page without restrictions, then the Maglr Pro editor gives you all the freedom and tools you need.

Start with a blank canvas to create your own design
Apply complex layering, animation & timing
Create a mobile version with full creative control

Pixel precision positioning within a responsive design

Complete freedom. Elements such as text, images and shapes can be freely positioned anywhere on your canvas, without technical limitations.

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Create dynamic content with layering and grouped elements

Not all information needs to be displayed directly. On a page you can divide content into different layers. You do this in Maglr Pro by grouping elements. With assigned animations or effects you decide when and how groups are being viewed. This kind of interaction provides a lot of creative possibilities.


Navigate vertically between separate scenes within the same page

In addition to layering in groups, you can also choose to divide your content into vertical scenes. These are separate vertical worksheets within the same page. It is possible to scroll through the scenes in various animated ways. Each scene has its own timeline with animations.


Bring your design to life

The animation of elements and groups is very simple in Maglr Pro. The visual timeline clearly shows at which point the elements in the picture animate and eventually disappear from the screen.


Create a mobile version without any graphic restrictions

If you have finished the desktop version, then it's time for the mobile version. Because a desktop page can become extremely complex on a mobile one, we have chosen for a manual approach in Maglr Pro. You can reposition elements that you have created on the desktop edition for a better mobile experience. Any changes made to the desktop edition will automatically be updated in the mobile version.


Choose different page types

Your choice for a page type determines how a page behaves on different screen sizes. Maglr Pro offers the following options:


Fullscreen video and background audio

You can place a video as a free standing element between the layers of your page. Upload MP4 files or paste a Vimeo or YouTube link into the player. You can add audio to a page with one touch of a button. Add it to one page or as background music for the entire publication.


Embed code from external applications.

Place your own HTML code on a page or use our custom-made embeds for external parties such as Instagram & Twitter. Developers can use our Maglr API for more complex integrations.

Standard components

Immediately get going with the text component, buttons, images, video & audio player, slideshows, embeds and application forms.

More efficient with Symbols

You can save a group as a shared object. A shared object can be used on many different pages and will automatically update on every page when edited.

Your own fonts or Google fonts

In addition to your corporate colour scheme, you can upload your fonts in the dashboard or choose directly from the Google collection.

Use effects

You apply a series of effects, such as blur, add shadow and blending options to images and texts. Switching to Photoshop is not necessary.

Hover effects

Clickable items can be highlighted by manually setting roll-over effects.

Optimised for mobile

For faster loading, images are automatically scaled down to the correct dimensions. Both for desktop, tablet and mobile.

SEO & Share meta modifications

It’s possible to upload alternative meta descriptions or images per page, used by search engines & social networks.

Comprehensive Analytics integration

Not only the visited pages are measured, also internal clicks appear in your Google Analytics account in real time.

iFrame Maglr API

Use the iFrame component to add custom content within a template. Our API gives extra integration possibilities.

Combine with templates

Pro pages and templates are technically two different products, but you can combine both within one publication.

Collaborate on a publication

It’s possible to collaborate with a colleague on one publication. The software will notify you if someone else is already working on the page you’ve chosen.

HTML5 publications

After publication, the pages are stored as static HTML files and distributed via a global CDN network.