Simple for the marketer,
extensive for the designer

Within Maglr you have, depending on the chosen license, two different editors available. Discover which editor is suitable for your interactive story.


Create a visually appealing story with ready-made templates

With our templates you easily setup the storyline. Without technical knowledge you fill in the pages and change the content into beautiful interactive pages.

  • Suitable for the marketing & communication specialist
  • Ready-to-use components in the right styleguide
  • Suitable for editorial stories
The Block editor in detail

Design complex animated pages out of a simple to use editor

With Maglr Pro you design the entire layout of the page yourself. You start with a blank canvas where we offer you all the tools to change your ideas into visual and interactive pages.

  • Designed for the designer
  • Create interaction with layers and groups
  • Extensive animation options
The Pro editor in detail

What are the main differences?

When do you choose a template or Pro page?

You have the content available but not the design. The templates help you get started immediately.

You are a designer and want to put in your own creative idea without being stuck to a predetermined structure.

Type of content?

Editorial stories
The templates are designed for editorial content. Stories in combination with photography can be enriched with extra interactive components.

Graphical pages
If you want to make something special that does not fit in a fixed layout. Think of visual pages with lots of loose graphics, advertisements and infographics.

How do you start and design a page?

You choose a template from the library. In the framework of the template are open spaces where you can put together your own story with the aid of content blocks. The framework of the template is non-adjustable.

You start with a blank worksheet. You determine your design entirely yourself.

How do you build a page?

Content blocks
From the side panel in the editor you have a large library of content blocks at your disposal. You can simply drag these into view and build your own story.

Basic elements
You have 8 basic elements that you can drag on the free worksheet. Just like in a drawing program, every element can be set in detail according to your own wishes.

Format multiple screen sizes

Because the templates are responsive, the content automatically adapts to every screen size. As a block grid the elements slide together as the screen becomes narrower.

With a Pro page, we opt for freedom. You are not stuck to an automatic grid, so you decide how elements position themselves in the two different screen ratios.

Layering and interaction

Fixed in the template
Each template is designed for a different type of story and contains a predefined design with layering (pop-ups) and preset interaction.

In Pro you build your own layers and groups. With click & hover interactions you determine how and when layers come into view.


Standard animations
With a content block you can choose from a number of standard animations.

Detailed animations
You determine the timing & animation in the Pro editor per layer on your page. You can choose from different start & end animations that can be refined in detail. You can manually animate and start multiple timelines per group.