Extra options

Environments & Users

Additional publication environment

With one license, users can publish an unlimited number of editions within a publication environment. A publication environment consists of a domain name with an overview page styled with elements of your corporate branding. A single environment is included with every license. Suppose you want to separate your in-house staff magazine from your other publications then it’s possible to purchase a separate 'publication environment'. This way the staff magazines can be made available on a separate domain and have it’s own corporate branding.

Additional publication environment (€ 75,- per month per environment))

  • Individual publications with a separate overview page
  • Available on a separate domain name
  • Different navigation types, logos and colour scheme

Additional users and corporate accounts

When upgrading your license, this will include 5 users for Maglr Pro. These users will be able to simultaneously log in to the dashboard. For € 10.00 per user per month, you can add additional users. For this, we provide access to the application with the accompanying support. 

Additional users can be useful when using the 'Sales-tool' or 'Interactive quotation' modules. A user can create his own presentations or quotations with his or her own individual login credentials. If this is not necessary, then everyone who wants to use the ‘Sales-tool’ can log in with one log in credential into the iPad app or the online and offline presentation environment.

Maglr for advertising agencies with multiple clients

If you create digital publications for multiple clients, then it is possible to have multiple 'customer' environments inside one agency license. This will cost €900.00 per year (charged annually). Within these multiple environments, you can add an unlimited number of publications for your clients. Every extra environment that we connect include all the subscriptions capabilities. Every environment can have a separate domain, interface, logo, and color scheme.


  • For this option, you need at least a Business account
  • The extra environments can only be managed from the main account. If your client wants to be able to log in himself, an additional subscription will be necessary. 
  • For the ‘Sales-tool module' and 'Interactive print module' the client will need his or her own subscription.