Three solutions, multiple applications

You can tell a story in several ways. For this reason, we offer three different Maglr solutions. Each with a different technical approach but with the same underlying simplicity.

Online magazines

Transform your content into a visually attractive story and make it available to your readers on any device. Guide your reader through the interactive pages with a horizontal navigation created for Maglr Template or Maglr Pro pages.

  • Relationship magazines
  • Staff magazines
  • Annual reports
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Micro content

Create standalone visual stories, often created as single page or interactive visual, that can be shared separately within your corporate website (embedded) or through a separate link on social.

  • Interactive infographics
  • Landing pages
  • Branded stories
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Sales presentations

Maglr Presenter gives marketing the ability to distribute professional presentations from a central point amongst employees. If necessary, the employee can make minor adjustments and share the presentation online, or offline with our iPad & Desktop Apps.

  • Corporate presentations
  • Product presentations
  • Sales tools
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