MAGLR BLOG / 11 June 2020

How to keep communicating with digital publications

Now more than ever, it's important that companies keep communicating effectively. By doing so, they become a trusted source of information for their audience and show that they are ready for a world where digital content is going to play an important role to stay in contact. It is crucial to get the right message across and share valuable content in a visual and interactive form. That’s where online publications come into play.

The best way to do this is by sharing the right type of content people can engage with. As a company, you have a variety of digital channels to stand out with your content marketing efforts. Therefore it is wise to effectively publish content to pursue the desired effect and results to communicate with your audience. But before you jump right into the content creation process, you first need to determine why you are creating the content. How does it serve the people you want to reach?

Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

Engage your audience. The race to create enhanced digital experiences has hit hyperdrive. Offering a mesmerizing content experience ensures that you get and retain the attention of the audience. Turn passive readers into active participants of your content so that they can effectively be informed, involved and convinced with the given information.

Distinguish yourself in a noisy digital landscape. The presentation of content has become just as important as its quality. 90% of the information sent to our brain is visual. Online publications can be used for all types of content: from online magazines, annual reports to infographics and white papers. But the best content types are the ones that grab and retain the attention of their audience.

Deliver a better content experience for every device

Make it snackable. We all know that the first impression counts. So whether you are creating short-form or long-form content - you want to deliver content that is visual, recognizable, relevant and understandable, delivered in a bite-sized format. Snackable content that encourages readers to take another bite.

To measure is to know. We’ve come a long way since companies were distributing content without knowing how that content was performing. (PDF’s, anyone?) It is important to regularly evaluate your communications efforts to know what’s working and what isn’t. Creating digital experiences means that they are measurable. So now you can define the metrics to find out which content scores best with your audience.

Online publications are measurable

From digital-first to digital-only

Digital communication and interactions will provide wider digital access and a better-connected economy to build stronger, more resilient organizations and engaging communities. Therefore, both your content strategy and where you distribute it are inseparable. Companies need to create content that looks great on any device and publish that content in a place that is their own.

Why online publications are here to stay

In order to keep a digital audience engaged, an online publication must make a positive contribution to the user experience. The reasons why online publications are here to stay are because they offer several benefits to both the user as its creator. 

A digital stage for important content. If you got an important message to spread, you don’t want your audience to get distracted. Online publications have a clear navigation structure with a beginning and an end. Readers are completely focused on the content by reading and scrolling. Without the noise of a busy website or blog.


Better content experience. Nowadays companies no longer have to share static content, but can deliver content in a visual and interactive format. Online publications can easily be shared via a separate URL - in its entirety or per page/article. Via social media, email or on a blog or website. Your content can be delivered to the places where your audience resides and are perfectly suitable for targeted communication and personalization.

Online publications provide better content experience

Always up-to-date. A digital publication can be adjusted at any time. This way, the content always remains relevant and up-to-date without having to notify your readers. Small adjustments can be made and published without any effort. Therefore, an outdated version is now a thing of the past! Online publications will always be reusable for communication purposes.

Public or protected content. Does the content contain (business) sensitive information? And do you want your information not to be accessible to everyone online? An online digital publication can be protected with a password or secured login. It also allows you to choose not to have the publication indexed by Google.

Content creation software

Nowadays you really stand out with content that contains eye-catchers such as videos, scroll animations or effects all-in-one. And thanks to handy tools and software, such as Maglr, it has become increasingly easier to create an online publication. Without the intervention of developers. So what type of publication would you like to create next to effectively inform, engage and connect your readers? Click here to learn more about how content experiences boost remote selling or how you can recognize an online publication

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