MAGLR BLOG / 02 October 2019

Update: Mobile Animations in Maglr Pro

Bring your publications to life on mobile devices! In this article we will tell you more about the latest updates in our Maglr Pro editor.

Maglr Pro - mobile animation
How to make a mobile animation in Maglr Pro - see live mobile example

Mobile Animations!
An update that both us and many of our users have been waiting for! In the Pro editor it was already possible to add animations for display on larger screens. Mobile devices can now display more advanced animations, so that was a reason for us to make the animations available for mobile.

When you have set an animation on desktop view, it will be activated automatically when you also place the element in the mobile view. Read more about mobile animations in our Maglr Help Center and start experimenting with scroll, timed or scroll path animations on mobile!

Voeg animaties toe op mobiele weergave
Maglr Pro: Mobile Animations 

What else has changed in Maglr Pro?
Since our last update in April, we have made even more minor changes to our platform to improve the user experience. In addition to the mobile animations, the following updates have been added to Maglr Pro:

New alignment option: Justify
Maglr Pro should give you the feeling that you are working with a design tool such as Sketch or Adobe. With the new alignment option you can justify objects within your framework. Select multiple elements in the editor and choose "justify" to position these elements with equal gaps and aligment.

Uitlijning Maglr Pro: uitvullen
Maglr Pro: New aligment option 'Justify'

Improved working in zoom mode
And to continue working at pixel precision, working in zoom mode has been improved. At 200% you can position an element just as neatly as in the original format.

Updated border styles
Sometimes you want to emphasize something extra in your publication. That is why we have added new border styles that you can easily adjust in the Pro editor.

Fixed minor bugs
In addition to the new developments, we have implemented many improvements within the text editor, keyframe editor and on the panels for institutions.

Need help in Maglr Pro?
On our Maglr Help Center and Maglr YouTube channel we have lots of videos ready for you to help you work with Maglr Pro. Are there any questions? We will of course be happy to help you. Mail to or chat with us in the dashboard.

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