Interactive proposals

In addition to an interactive online publication, a printable version

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Interactive proposals

Provide a printed version

An interactive magazine offers many advantages, but what if you still need a printable version? We’ve solved this problem with Maglr Proposal. We offer a separate set of templates that adapts it’s size to desktop, tablet, mobile and A4 paper. In the Maglr editor you can manage the online edition & PDF print edition from one central source.

For publications that also need to be printed

Vertical page navigation, suitable for long texts

Provide the pages with interactive elements like images & video


Beautiful templates designed for vertical reading

Unlike traditional online magazine templates, Maglr Proposal can be read vertically. We follow the same reading order as a PDF. Maglr Proposal is very suitable for publications with long texts, thanks to the design and layout of the templates. In separate vertical chapters we offer the reader a clear overview of the content. After adding a chapter you have plenty of room to add content and interactive components with the template editor.

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Protect your publication with a login

Do you use Maglr Propsal to send quotes? You can send your customer a simple login link. Extensive authentication methods can be set in place if needed.

Share chapters through social media

Maglr Proposal publications can easily be indexed by search engines. Chapters in a publication can be shared via social media and are offered to Google via a sitemap.xml.

Follow the behaviour of your readers with Google Analytics

With the extensive statistic capabilities you gain insight into your readers behaviour. You will be able to see how many readers have navigated to a chapter and how far they have read it.

Available worldwide (CDN)

Publications are hosted via a CDN environment. As a result, a fast loading copy is available in every part of the world.

Working with color styles

By creating a color style all templates are automatically presented in the style of your corporate identity, including the typography.

Adjustable forms of navigation

With our standard navigation options you get to choose what colours you want yourself and you can select options such as an overview page or a search window.

Search engine optimised

All pages are optimised for Google. It is also possible to add separate meta information per page.

Embed the publication

With an embed code you can place a single page or a complete publication in a external location.

Multilingual publications

Divide your publications across multiple environments, into different categories, domains or languages.

Own domain name

Choose a standard Maglr domain or add your own domain to a publication.

Multiple publications

Optionally download the publications to your computer via our offline app, or install the Maglr iPad app for the iPad.

Responsive result

The publications are responsive and will automatically adapt to the format of the device.