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Create a visual storyline with impact

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Make sure your presentation makes a lasting impression on your customer

With Maglr Presenter your colleagues have visual and dynamic presentations at their disposal. You have full control, so you decide which information is fixed, and which information your colleagues are allowed to edit. No more boring and inconsistent Powerpoints, but a visual strong presentation to impress your client.

Control the main presentations and distribute them to your colleagues

Restrict certain options for colleagues who want the ability to add pages themselves

Present online or offline via desktop and tablet


A visual storyline where you decide how you tell the story

Sales tools are commonly used to inform and to offer additional information during a sales meeting with a client. During this conversation, you not only want to show your product or service clearly, you also want to be able to quickly switch between subjects as the conversation progresses. Making sure you talk exactly about what your client needs the most. With Maglr Pro as part of Maglr Presenter you have full control over form, layout and navigation of the presentations.

Let your colleagues use Maglr templates

Content can be added to the basic presentation templates with our drag-and-drop Block editor. Perfect for colleagues who simply want to add pages to a presentation while maintaining the visual strong layout and style of the main presentation.

About the Block editor
Create the main presentations with Maglr Pro

"With Maglr Pro as part of Maglr Presenter we offer you all the freedom to create the presentation you need. There are no limits on your creativity. You determine the design, the layouts, animations & interactions and structure of the menu."

About the Pro editor

Manage your presentations from one central point

Provide your colleagues with main presentations that always stay up-to-date. Updates to the presentations are visible immediately

Determine what colleagues can see and what they can edit

Control to which presentations colleagues have access to. It is possible to divide the presentations between different categories.

Send push notifications when update are available

Have important updates been made in a presentation? Let your colleagues know immediately with a push notification.


Let colleagues personalize presentations using simple templates

Does a colleague needs to create his own storyline using the main presentations as a base? We offer a set of simple templates that contain your corporate identity and can be added easily to the main presentation. In addition to these templates, individual pages can be inserted from the main presentation. These pages can not be edited by your colleagues, to make sure all employees tell the same story. If any changes are made to the content on these main presentation pages, the pages that your colleagues have used will be updated automatically.

Share a presentation directly with your customers

Send a custom presentation by mail. A secure link gives the customer direct access to the presentation specifically chosen for them.

Create a PDF from a presentation

Convert the interactive pages to a printable PDF document. Depending on your design, all visible parts on the page can be printed on a landscape A4.

Analyse how your presentations are viewed

The integration with Google Analytics gives you an exact insight in which presentations are best viewed and which content is clicked on.


Present online or offline

If you can’t rely on a reliable internet connection when you are visiting your client, our offline apps for desktop and iPad will make sure you always have your presentations at hand.

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Lock your corporate identity

Do you have corporate branding elements that should not be modified? By locking the corporate style you have a guaranteed uniformity in all your presentations.

Examples of presentations

Prepare a set of presentations that other colleagues can use as a starting point.

User rights per employee

Every employee receives login credential for setting up their own presentations. Restrictions can be set per login.

Presentations in multiple languages

Presentations can be available in multiple languages. An employee selects his or her language and sees the corresponding presentations.

Video available offline

Your Vimeo and Youtube videos can be downloaded for offline use.

Fast hosting (CDN) Worldwide

Publications are hosted via a CDN environment. As a result, a fast loading copy is available in every part of the world.

Implement your own scripts

With Maglr Pro it is possible to add html / js code. This makes it possible to add forms or special calculation modules.

Optional custom templates

If the basic templates not cover your needs in presenting, we can always develop custom templates for you.