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Maglr Embedded Content

Maglr offers extensive possibilities to embed a project within an external website. Pages that you create in Maglr can be shared in different ways. You can bundle them together as magazine, offline in our presentation tool or as single page on a separate URL. The method of embedding a Maglr project within a website depends entirely on the type of publication and goal of the content. 

For embedding functionalities, we have developed an intelligent embed script that places the interactive page responsive within the space of a website. Depending on the needs this can be done using iFrames or via direct HTML inject. 

Inside the Maglr dashboard you can choose from multiple types of embeds via the project settings. A short overview what is possible with Maglr:

Fullscreen embed

The fullscreen embed is available for content creators who would like to create fullscreen experiences. The embed code can be added between the header & footer of a website. The space between will automatically scale depending on the Maglr page size. On smaller screen sizes the embed script will trigger the mobile version.   

Embed with overlay

The overlay embed places a visually adjustable banner in the page that opens the embed fullscreen on top of the webpage after a click. This option offers plenty of space to view a page or publication fullscreen without leaving the website. After closing the overlay, the visitor returns to the place on the webpage where the banner was clicked.


Single page embed

A single page that you want to embed in specific dimensions within your website. This for example can be placed as an element between the text of a blog. This version of an embed places a stand-alone Maglr page with no surrounding navigation environment. When the screen gets smaller the mobile version of the page (in the correct height) will be activated. This embed can be configured with different ratio / scaling behaviours. 



Multi-page embed

A version where you can place multiple pages inside an embed. Suitable for interactive slides or quiz pages. Within the embed option you can hide specific slides, loop the embed pages or choose different navigation types.


For more information about embedded stories, contact our sales team or subscribe for a demo.