MAGLR BLOG / 17 May 2018

Maglr sponsor of the new Ford Fiesta Cup

May 17, 2018 - The first race of the brand-new Ford Fiesta Cup will start during the Jumbo Race Days next weekend. There will be 100.000 spectators who will see the light goes green with 25 racing cars flying towards the first corner. Each provided with a striking reference to, the tool for the creation of interactive content.

The class for young talent
The Ford Fiesta Cup is a new racing class especially created for young people, who want to be better at club racing or karting. The 150 PS Fiesta ST Line has been transformed to compete on the circuit and offers all the challenges for riders, looking for a professional and competitive racing class. 

This year, the cup will be running at six different events. This weekend, young talent will ride directly in the same program with Max Verstappen. Their performance can be followed online and on Dutch TV broadcaster RTL7.

Maglr and the Ford Fiesta Cup 
"We are motorsport fans, but this is not the main reason to sponsor this racing class. As a start-up, it's a great platform for us to bring our tool to the attention, on the circuits or via television. With sponsoring and support, we would like to help other starting talents grow in their 'motorsport' career." tells Berry van Elk, CEO at Maglr.


Maglr is based in Breda (Netherlands) and offers an online platform for the creation of interactive content. Marketers & designers around the world use Maglr every day to develop interactive customer magazines, staff magazines, social stories, landing pages and sales presentations. 

"Because of the simplicity of Maglr, organizations themselves are able to publish amazing stories that are responsive and readable on every device" tells Berry van Elk. "The tool is mostly used by advertising agencies and communication departments of large international brands."

Maglr will also be used this season for various communication expressions of the Ford Fiesta Cup.


Photos by Essay Productions, Chris Schotanus

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