Embedded stories

Maglr interactive embed

Pages you create in Maglr can be accessed in different ways. You can bundle them together as a horizontal browsable magazine, use them offline in our presentation tools, as a single page on a separate URL, or you embed them within your corporate website. For embedding we have developed an intelligent embed script that places the interactive page responsive within the space of your corporate website. 

This can be done at full width & height inside your corporate website (Open this and this example. The complete page is created in Pro except for the header & footer menu). 

Or use your creation in a fixed format if you want to place it within the content of your text or blog. You can optionally indicate whether you want to activate the mobile version as the screen gets smaller.

With this embed functionality you can create an infographic or graphic page in no time that you can easily add to your corporate website via your CMS without the help of a developer.


Nike demonstration page. Fixed format with mobile version.

Hiking demo page. Fixed format with mobile version.

For more information about embedded stories, contact our sales team or subscribe for a demo.