Annual Report Expertise Center for Safety

The Expertise Center for Safety (EV) is one of six knowledge institutes at Avans. They conduct practical research for companies and governments and implement the results into the educational system.

What did we do:

  • We converted long research texts into a story that reads pleasantly and can be understood by anyone.
  • There was little photography available, so we compensated by adding graphical elements as to created a visually recognisable magazine.

In addition to this annual report, we have had the oppertunity to work with Avans on several other publications:

  • Annual report and business plan of the Expertise Center Sustainable Business (ESB).
  • Evaluation / reporting of the VIA project. With project Avans wanted to gain insight into the use of ICT in the domain of Economy.
  • Graduation projects of students of human resource management and business administration.

Avans makes all of these magazines themselves with the help of our Maglr Template editor. BlueBerry Media has an advisory role in this and facilitates the layout of graphic elements and infographics.


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